Acre Rigg Ward

As a guide this ward includes the following streets Lowhills Road, Lincoln Walk, Suffolk Walk, Basingstoke Road, Acre Rigg Road, Beverley Way, Gloucester Place, Neville Road, Westmorland Rise.

Dene House Ward

This ward includes the Town Centre and street including O'Neill Drive, Manor Way, Eastfield, Thorntree Gill, Matterdale Road & Hatfield Place

Edenhill Ward

This ward includes streets including Coniston Close, Edenhill Road, Brandlings Way, Crawford Avenue, Fairbairn Road, Eden Lane and Ashton Rise.

Howletch Ward

This ward includes some of the following streets Brendon Place, Pennine Drive, Pentland Close, Shadforth Close, Grampian Drive and Balliol Close.

Passfield Ward

This ward incldues some of the following streets Donnerston Grove, Appleby Way, Lambton Court, Tees Close, Helford Road, Sunny Blunts and Tweed Close.

Register of Interests

Please click this link to view Peterlee Town Council’s Register of Interests on the Durham County Council website.