Open spaces were high on the agenda when the initial design of Peterlee was under discussion and implementation. You will notice to this day the large amount of green areas between housing estates and the town centre. When the Peterlee Development Corporation demised in 1988, this land transferred to both the District of Easington and the Town Council. The Town Council alone maintains over 400 acres of land.

Peterlee has 6 play areas named:

Heath Close
Hampshire Place
Eden Lane
Oakerside Drive
Hill Rigg House (Lowhills Road)
Woodhouse Park

In 2020, Peterlee Town Council invested around £350,000 in some brilliant new play equipment at the following sites: Woodhouse Park (off Balliol Close), Heath Close and Eden Lane. The play areas have been extended and renewed, including new safety surfaces and Woodhouse Park now boasts a parkour gym and BMX pump-track!

In 2022 the Town Council invested over £125,000 in renewing the play equipment and surfacing at the Oakerside Drive play area.

We Need Your Help

Help us look after these amazing play areas. If you see any anti-social behaviour or vandalism, please call 101 to report it as soon as possible, or contact us by telephone on (0191) 586 2491, or by email at