Freedom of Information Disclosure Log

The Information Commissioners Office suggests the publication of a Freedom of Information Disclosure Log as good practice.

This disclosure log provides anonymised data on the information that has been provided by the Council in response to Freedom of Information requests. Peterlee Town Council began recording FOI requests on a disclosure log in October 2016 and the log does not currently hold retrospective information.

RefRequest SummaryReceivedResponseInternal Review?ReceivedResponseResolution DescriptionExemption
FOI20160001IMSick pay of Town Clerk27.09.1603.10.16y04.10.1604.10.16Information provided in part - part exempts40(2)
FOI20180002IMComplaints re Fireworks12.2.1812.2.18nInformation provided in full
FOI20180003KTCouncil and Committee membership and attendance details13.04.1825.04.18nInformation disclosed in full.
FOI202001IMAllotment plot holdings - how many councillors or employees hold plots at Thorntree Gill06.03.202006.03.2020nInformation disclosed in full
FOI202002IMThorntree Gill Amenity Room budget and consultation22/02/202024/02/2020
nInformation disclosed in full
FOI202003IMHelford Road Cricket Fence installation - various issues19/05/202019/05/2020
nInitially partly refused, second response provided additional info with sections redacteds31(1)(a) and c31(2)(ii)
FOI202004IMThorntree Gill Amenity Room budget and consultation10/06/202018/06/2020
nPartially refused (one question out of 7) due to vexatious nature of questions14(1)
FOI202005IMFormer Clerk Grievance22/06/202030/06/2020nRefused as a vexatious FOI requests14(1)
FOI202006IMInformation relating to Council meeting of 8th September 201402/09/202009/09/020
nInformation provided in full
FOI2021001IMInformation relating to costs at Helford Road Pavilion10.03.2021acknowledged 12/03/21
Full response 16/03/21
nInformation provided in full
FOI2021002IMInformation relating to the expenditure of PTC for 2019/20 and also disbursements paid to town councillors for the same period.14/03/2021Acknowledged 15/03/21
Full response 17/03/21
nInformation provided in full
FOI2022001IMRequest for minutes of a number of Council Committee/working group meetings23/12/2020Acknowledged and partially responded to 26/01/2021
Further responses 05/02/21; 31/08/21; 26/05/22
nInformation provided in full
FOI2022002IMRequest for information relating to change of job title for Town Clerk03/08/2022Acknowledged and responded 03/08/2022nInformation provided in full for first element of request; no information held for second element of request
FOI2022003IMRequest for information relating to meetings technology used by the Council14/09/2022Acknowledged and responded 15/09/22nInformation provided in full where applicable (some questions asked were not applicable, no information held)
FOI2022004IMRequest for a copy of procedure relating to omissions from published meeting minutes26/09/2022Acknowledged and responded 26/09/22nInformation held disclosed - link to Standing Orders and explanation
FOI2022005IMRequest for information relating to various allegations18/10/2022Acknowledged and responded 26/10/2022nMuch of the request is incoherent and not within the scope of FOI however the few FOI-relevant items refused as vexatious.s14(1)
FOI2023001IMRequest for information relating to the response to FOI2022004IM re council staffing structure22/12/2022Responded 18/01/23nInformation provided in full
FOI2023002IMRequest for information relating to past FOIA request19/7/2023Acknowledged 25/07/2023
Responded 08/08/23
y23.08.2319.09.23Information provided for part 1 of the request. Clarification requested for part 2

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