Culture and Heritage

Whilst not a “Pit Town” in its own right, (Peterlee being built as a new commercial and manufacturing centre for the area and to provide new housing for residents from the former pit villages), the Town's culture and heritage was initially based on the mining heritage of the area. The closure of the mining industry and its related activities have encouraged many to work to ensure this heritage is not lost in the same way as the industry itself.

Organisations such as East Durham and Houghall College have helped with the restoration of many lodge banners which are one of the few reminders of the many mines which existed in the area and remain proudly carried at the Miners' Gala in Durham every year.

In recent years as the Town has developed it has also created its own culture and heritage and a town Cultural Week has been established to celebrate the song, dance, writing, and drama of the town and area.

Although many of the physical features of the area have changed the one thing which remains is the close community spirit, so indicative of mining communities, which lived and worked in great danger.

With over 25% of the population of the district living in the town, Peterlee has a wealth of organisations and bodies covering all aspects of community life including sport and leisure activities, charities and voluntary bodies, vocational / non vocational training and disability groups, just to mention a few: