Dene House Primary School – Clean Up

The Mayor of Peterlee, Terry Duffy visited Dene House Primary School this morning to pay a special visit to 6 amazing children who have taken it upon themselves to clean up and look after an area where they live.

The Mayor explained, “I had noticed the children a couple of times, cleaning and sweeping and decided to speak to them to find out what they were doing. They said they wanted to be proud of where they lived and to have a nice clean area to play”. It turned out that because of recent fly-tipping making the place look untidy, this was not possible.

To help them with their community project, The Mayor spoke to our Parks Department to ask if they were able to provide any plants to help brighten things up, as a thank you and we’re pleased to report, they have now been planted.

Alana, Mia, Jay, Jorgie, Demi Leigh and Jenson were each awarded with a certificate during their school assembly this morning and I’m sure you’ll agree with us when we say these children are an inspiration to us all and we couldn’t be more proud of what they are doing and what they achieved!

Keep up the fantastic work!!